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I am using this free service to help me out now. I know that I do not know any of you, but still I am having trouble with one issue... Ryan. I feel uncontrollably sorry and depressed about it. I want to kick his ass and make sure that nothing ever happens. Why should this bother me??? I know, right. Wrong. The only issue I am having with it is that (now she is going to find out, please don't be mad Jen) he really did some damage to Jen. Not as much as Erik did, but still some damage. I had to arrest him, and then he told me how he wanted her and how she was a good lay. After hearing all of that, it was really hard to look at her without wanting to cry. What can I do about it? I want to talk to her, but I can't. I wanted to run to her and tell her that I will make sure that he never gets out of jail, but I can't promise her that. Maybe this entry will help out. I don't know. As much as I want to in this world, I want to give her that. She has something better, C. She has someone who loves her and whom she loves deeply. I feel safe knowing that Jen is with her. I have my own issues, but lately after that weekend I feel awful. I am very sorry that I have not called you back, Jen. I need to work somethings out before I can see you, and I will tell you the whole story.

Jen, I am very sorry. I wish that I could take it all away. You are very stong and you know you mean the world to me. You are lucky to have C in your life.
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